Radial Veneer

Mr. Schrunk's award winning offset radial table

INSTRUCTOR Thomas Schrunk
PRE-REQUISITES Veneer Basics (#101) or instructor approval
STUDENT SUPPLIED MATERIALS X-Acto type hobby Knife, Fixed (not retractable Utility Knife, Straightedge (metal, 2"wide) , Cutting mat (available at fabric & craft stores), Blue masking tape, #2 pencil
CLASS SUPPLIED MATERIALS Acrylic layout sheet, adhesive backed metal alignment strips, veneers
TIME REQUIRED 4 two-hour sessions

The radial veneer tabletops seen in the finest furniture stores rarely display the fine points of quality veneer work. The joints often are overly visible and the points at the center almost never converge to a single point.
Inthis class you will learn to calculate the size of individual pieces, cut accurate & sequenced parts, learn sequence jumping, and taping techniques. After pressing, you'll learn the method for adding a solid 3/4" edge with an intimate fit around the veneer.
Upon completion of this class, you will have at least one radial tabletop worthy of display against any commercial top.