Marquetry, Inlay & Parquetry

INSTRUCTOR Thomas Schrunk
PRE-REQUISITES Veneer Basics (#101) or instructor approval
STUDENT SUPPLIED MATERIALS X-Acto type hobby Knife, Fixed (not retractable Utility Knife, Straightedge (metal, 2"wide) , Cutting mat (available at fabric & craft stores), Blue masking tape, #2 pencil
CLASS SUPPLIED MATERIALS Bird's mouth cutting board, Fret saw, Particleboard layout boards, veneers
TIME REQUIRED 6 two-hour sessions

Marquetry enables the woodworker to create images using veneers, whether as an entire picture for a wall hanging or tabletop, or as a special detail on a cabinet front. Inlay is the art of inserting figural veneers into completed panels and gives the ability to upgrade the piece from normal to quite special.

In this course you will learn the double bevel method of cutting veneers to leave a precise fit, even on curving joints, the stack cutting method and window cutting or knife work.
The classes will focus on individual techniques. An initial description will be followed by a demonstration, after which students will get to try hands-on cutting.

Parquetry is the use of repeating geometric shapes to create an overall panel. This historic technique has been used since the very earliest veneer work was done. Geometric design work can produce striking panels, suitable for wall decor, tabletops, and other uses.

In this course you will learn how to set up jigs to get precise repeating shapes, and alignment techniques to give good results. Students will be shown the preparation of assembly boards for geometric panels, sizing considerations and borders.

After the veneers are assembled, they will be pressed, ready to sand and finish. Students will complete a number of veneer faces of increasing complexity.