Burl Veneers

INSTRUCTOR Thomas Schrunk
PRE-REQUISITES Veneer Intro or permission of instructor
STUDENT SUPPLIED MATERIALS 1) a set of 12 or more sequential sheets of burl (may be available through Blue Sky or instructor)
2) basic veneering supplies; utility knife, X-acto knife, veneer tape, blue tape, glue pen, clear plastic drafting triangle (10" or larger), sheet of Plexiglas minimum size one edge 18", cutting mat.
TIME REQUIRED 4 two-hour sessions

Burls are amongst the most beautiful of veneers, which will lift any project to a project to a higher category. Burls are the traditional favorite of presidents and kings, but are normally on a difficulty scale which keeps most woodworkers from using them. This class will illustrate the methods of work for this remarkable veneer. It will include;

1) flattening, four methods
2) sequencing, sequence jump for field matches and radials
3) joining, preparation of the joint for minimal jointline display
4) preparation for gluing, sizing
5) sanding and finishing

This four session class is limited to six students, and has the goal of producing a bookmatched burl veneer face suitable for tabletop or other project.