Introducing the 'Juiced Box'

Let's start by clearing up a small mis-nomer. Bluetooth speakers actually contain 3 different components; Bluetooth receiver, audio amp, and speakers. Those tiny 'speakers' are portable enough, but the sound quality is not there. It's not the fault of Bluetooth however; it is the amp and tiny speakers. Moving up to a 6.5" full range speaker gives much better sound quality. When paired with a 50W stereo amp with outstanding specs, the results astound most people.

So why, you may ask, would we put a streaming stereo inside a piece of furniture? Because it's perfect for a den or smaller apartment to join the functions of storage, serving tray/coffee table, and a quality sound system.

Available in over 1000 fabrics, nearly any size/shape, and veneered tops/trays of countless woods and patterns (see our veneer section for more on this). Now that is real custom!