Introducing the 'Juiced Box'

If you are in need of music (sports, webcast, or anything streamed) in a bedroom, sitting room, den, rec room, garage, deck, boat, etc., then this will fit the bill.

What are the specs? Glad you asked. • SNR: 92 dB • THD: 0.02% @ 8 ohms, 10W, 1 kHz • Frequency response: 22 to 22,000 Hz (±3 dB) We use quality full range speakers designed for yachts. Included is USB charging, LI Battery operation (several hours between charges) and aux input.

Available in over 1000 fabrics, nearly any size/shape, and veneered tops/trays of countless woods and patterns (see our veneer section for more on this). Now that is real custom!

Pricing runs from $450, depending upon size/shape, fabric, tray design.